Active Weekend 

Since I sit in an office all week I like to be outdoors and be as active as possible on the weekends. Mike had gotten me a new bike for my birthday so this weekend was the perfect time to finally try it out. We went on the new river trail which is just a few miles from our house. The trail is about 50 miles long. 

This was one of the bridges we crossed and stopped for a photo. 

We kept up about a 6 minute pace and did 18 miles. After not having ridden a bike in a couple years it’s needless to say we were very sore afterward. 

After our bike ride we must have been fueled up for more activity because after church on Sunday we bought kayaks. Now I know I have written numerous posts about saving money but they were on sale and I thought we deserved to reward ourselves for being such diligent savers the past couple years. Plus we decided that instead of going on vacation this summer we will just stay home and take our kayaks to the lake or river instead of going far away. 

And of course I had to do some free advertising for my bank!

I had only ever been in a two person kayak and I must say the one person is much easier to paddle. I couldn’t believe how fast I could go and how easily I could steer. We went to a lake near our house for our first time. The main body of water was a little choppy from all the boats but we found a quiet cove to relax in. 

We also went to a ranch rodeo with my parents however I neglected to take any pictures. There was a bluegrass group who sang and we had a good time talking and watching the contestants rope, sort, and wrestle with the steers. 


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