Fun Weekend

We had a great weekend filled with activity and and plenty of sunshine. 

Saturday me, Mike and my parents went to Houstonfest which is a day of different bluegrass bands in memory of a local teenager who died several years ago. 

This was our view from the stands but eventually we got our chairs and joined the crowd down below. 

This was the grand finale band, Jerry Douglas and the Earls of Leicester. They were one of the best groups I’ve ever heard. At the end I asked my father what he thought of them and his response was “love love love”. 

Sunday we went to Rural King after church and they had all of their plants for sale half off. I couldn’t pass up that deal so I got a daylily, two foxgloves, a rosebush, a blackberry bush, citronella (mosquito repelling plant) and lavender. 

We even dug a new flowerbed in the backyard. Hopefully this will start some inspiration on what to do with such a blank space. 

I still need to line it with paving stones and put mulch down. I think there’s room for two more plants. 

Another view of the new flower bed. 

From this angle you can hardly see it 😦

Close up of the foxglove 


Blackberry bush. For some reason it was in the same pot as what appears to be a maple tree but when mike planted it he said their roots were too difficult to get untangled. I think something will have to be done about this arrangement at some point. 

My mosquito repelling plant. I have it in a pot on the front walk way. 

Last but not least, lavender which is also in a pot on the front walk. 

The sun was finally in a position where I could take a photo of the front of the house. I’ve been very surprised at my ability to keep all these plants alive and it looks like mike has drastically reduced the weeds and increased the green of the grass by applying different fertilizers and weed killers. 


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