Renovation Update

After some delays in the closing process, I finally got the keys to my first rental house a couple of weeks ago.

Due to my free labor (Mike) only being available on weekends, the progress isn’t going as fast as I thought, but you can’t complain about free help! I’ve also had two days of help from my mom who has done a lot of the painting for me, which she says is my bridal shower gift. I’d rather have the help over another kitchen gadget or linens anyways.

I’m hoping to have everything done by April 1, so only one month to get everything completed.

In two weeks we have: re-hung the gutter and flashing; primed the living room, hallway, and two bedroom walls; painted two bedroom walls; tore out the entire kitchen (paneling, cabinets, flooring, etc.)

Mike fixing the gutter
After (w/primer on wall)


After w/primer




After. What a mess!

I think everything is looking much better. I’m just hoping redoing the kitchen is not going to be too expensive. I’ve already had somebody who wants to take all of the scrap wood so that’s one less thing for us to have to deal with.

Once the kitchen is complete, the only things left to do should be to fix up the bathroom, finish painting, clean, and build railing for the basement stairs.

So far I’ve had a lost of interest from people wanting to rent the house. Out of around 30 applications sent, only 2 people have returned them to me. I guess they thought I wouldn’t ask for any personal information before letting them rent the house!

More updates to come as the progress continues!


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